Varma Kalai - Body

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Important : QUALIFIED VARMA GURU (INSTRUCTOR) GUIDANCE REQUIRED PRIOR TO PRACTICE THIS ARTS. Below information and essential knowledge were shared for everyone, therefore copy / ammend of any information strictly not allowed.

    English pronunciation : trʌŋk Spelled [truhngk] Trunk // ˈtɔːsəʊ / ˈtɔrsoʊ [tawr-soh] Torso /
    Sanskrit संस्कृतम् : body : angaM // Chest वक्षः Vakshah // breasts , chest : vakshaHsthalamh // Hridaya-dhauti : Cleaning of the heart ; cleaning the throat and the chest // Jalandharabandha : A Hatha Yogic exercise which the chin is pressed against the chest (throat lock' to restrict the flow of bereath through the throat - done by resting the chin on the upper sternum ( chest )) // Mahāvakshan - Of huge chest // kaustubha : A jewel worn by Lord Viṣṇu on His chest . It is one of the few marks visibly distinguishing Him from His devotees in Vaikuṇṭha // place on chest : urasthala // praaNavaayu : a vital air that moves in the chest // stomach : udaramh // Dhauti : second of the shatkarmas ; cleansing technique of the eyes , ears , tongue , forehead , oesophagus , stomach , rectum and anus (The exercise for cleaning the stomach in Hatha Yoga) // having a long stomach : laMbodaraM // jaThare : in the stomach // Kunjal kriya a shatkarma ( cleansing ) technique that involves the cleansing of the stomach by drinking in water and then expelling it by inducing vomiting // laMbodaraM : having a long stomach // Mahākosah - Of great stomach // Plavini pranayama breathing technique which involves gulping air and swallowing it into the stomach and retaining it // कटि ( kaTi ) : hip // नितम्बः nitambaH hip // arunaruna kausumbha vastrabhāŚvath katitati - wears a garment of deep red round Her hip // Neck कण्ठः kanThaM,Kanthah // griivaM : neck // Hayagriva ( Hayagreeva ). An incarnation of Vishnu , who had the form of a horse above the neck . Haya-griva means horse-headed // kamesha baddhamangalya Sũtra shobhita kandhara - Whose neck is adorned with the MangalaSũtra fastened thereon by Her consort Kamesvara /
    Tamil தமிழ் : உடல் (Uṭal) /
    Bahasa Melayu : Badan /
    Malayalam : ഉടൽ (Udal) /
    Telugu : శరీరం (Śarīraṁ) /
    Français : Tronc (anatomie)

    Human Body

    Varmam Point Torso Varmam 1

    Varma Kalai Pressure Point Torso Stomach below umbilical cord

    Varma Points at TORSO CENTER OF FRONT BODY - from Neck to Umbilical Cord

    Varma Points Description Notes
    Tumbi Kaalam    
    Kathir Varmam    
    Kathir-Gamam Varmam    
    Kuumbu Varmam    
    Ner Varmam (Solar Plexus)  


    Varmam Point Body Front

    Vital Points - SHOULDER COVERAGE at TORSO FRONT BODY -from shoulder, chest, neck, hips, armpit and stomach

    Varma Points Description Notes
    Ka Kattai Kaalam    
    Vilanggu Varmam Located on the root of the neck above clavicle bone Treatment Approach: Gentle pressure and circular massage with 3 fingers (index, middle and ring) usually applied on both sides of the neck

    Precaution: For hyperactive children, massage at this point should be AVOIDED.
    Mujjah Varmam    
    Sivelai Kaalam    
    Sakthi Varmam    

    Vital Points - CHEST COVERAGE

    Varma Points Description Notes
    Thuse-Muga Varmam    
    Anuman Kaalam    

    Vital Points - HIPS & STOMACH COVERAGE

    Varma Points Description Notes
    Adappa Kaalam    
    Velli-Iral Varmam    
    Karr-Iral Varmam    
    Sada-Pirl Varmam (slightly back of hips)  
    Kai Katti Kaalam    
    Mundal Varmam    
    Yettal Varmam    
    Palla Varmam    


    Varmam at Infraspinatus



    Varmam Point Body Back

    Varma Points at TORSO BACK BODY -from Neck to Bottom

    Varma Points Description Notes
    Pidari Varmam Located below the base of the skull, one finger breadth below the bony part  
    Sara Mudichi Located between Vertebrae Cervical-7 and Thoracic-1  
    Vaivu Kaalam Varmam at both side of Vaivu Kaalam /
    Varmam at single side of Vaivu Kaalam
    Thunnal Mudichi Located between Thoracic-8 and Thoracic-9  
    Paasa Mudichi Located between Thoracic-12 and Lumbar-1  
    Kumbaga Mudichi Located between Lumbar-5 and Sacrum