Varma Kalai -
Art of Combat ( Por Varmam )

Last Updated by Guruji Murugan Chillayah on 13 February 2019 (Wed) 01:00 AM (GMT+8)

Important : QUALIFIED VARMA GURU (INSTRUCTOR) GUIDANCE REQUIRED PRIOR TO PRACTICE THIS ARTS. Below information and essential knowledge were shared for everyone, therefore copy / ammend of any information strictly not allowed.

    English pronunciation : Pōr Kalai (Pōr Varmam) /
    Sanskrit संस्कृतम् : not_available / ആയോധനകല (Hindi) /
    Tamil தமிழ் : போர்க் கலை (போர் வர்மம்) /
    Bahasa Melayu : Seni Perang /
    Malayalam : ആയോധനകല /
    Telugu : not_available /
    Français : Art martial

    Varmam Attack1

    Similar to knock the door (with slightly rubbing)

    Varmam Attack2

    Pressure point below biceps ( Basilic Nerve under-arm until arm-pit )

    Varmam Attack3

    Pressure point at Face ( Double Strike at Buccal Nerve & Mental Nerve )

    Varma kalai Varmam Attack at neck 1

    Varma kalai Varmam Attack at neck 2

    Pressure point at Neck ( at "top" triagular edge - crossing of 2 nerves,
    Lesser Occipital Nerve & Great Auricular Nerve )

    Varmam Attack5

    Pressure point at below Collar Bone - Chest ( strike Axillary Vein in highlight area )