Varma Kalai - Head

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    English pronunciation : hɛd Spelled [hed] /
    Sanskrit संस्कृतम् : मस्तकम् // Head शिरः // head : shiirshha // head : muurdhanh // head : muNDaM // nose : Naasikaa नासिका // ghraana , the nose ; smell // Eye अक्षः , नेत्रम् aksha, akshi, netram // a-drisya ( a-dhrishya ) Invisible to the eye which cannot be perceived by the physical eye (Brāhmaṇ) // acakshush : one without an eye // Ajna : order , command ; the third eye energy centre // Ear कर्णः karNah // aakarNa : towards the ear // Karnabhushan : ear ring , ear ornament // Bahya-karana : Outer instrument as the eye , ear , etc. // jnanen-driyas ( jnaanen-dhriyas ). Five organs of perception : eye , ear , tongue , nose , and skin ; associated with five senses of perception : sight , hearing , taste , smell , and touch // karmendriyas : The five organs of action are the voice , hand , foot , organ of excretion , and the organ of generation // Indriya : Organ // aananaM : face // face upwards : uurdhva-mukha // Adho-mukham – lower face / adhomukha : face downwards // dasendriya : the ten sense organs: ear , eye , tongue , nose , skin , hands , legs , speech , anus and genitals /
    Tamil தமிழ் : தலை (Talai)
    Bahasa Melayu : Kepala /
    Malayalam : തല (Thala) /
    Telugu : తల (Tala) /
    Français : Tête (anatomie)

    Varma Points at Nose

    Nose மூக்கு ( Mūkku )

    Varmam Point Nose

    Vital Points - Part of Human body

    Varma Points Description Notes
    Thilarntha Kaalam External Nasal Nerve located at the center inbetween of both eyebrows, at curve of nose.
    Treatment Approach: Massage upward direction with thumb
    Kannadi Kaalam Between Supratrochlear Nerve (near eyes) and Infratrochlear Nerve (near nose) which came from Nasocilliary Nerve - inline with both eyes, at both side of nose
    Vaala Varmam Nasal Nerve (branch of anterior Ethmoidal Nerve) at curve above nose tip
    Sundi Kaalam End of Nasal Nerve (branch of anterior Ethmoidal Nerve) tip of nose
    Minvitti Varmam Between Infraorbital Nerve and Anterior Superior Alveolar Nerve Between Infraorbital Nerve (slightly upper region which located at horizontal to center of nose) and Anterior Superior Alveolar Nerve (center region 60perc lower nose) and Nasal Branch (lower region 90perc lower nose) - all this nerves along side of nose (beside both nose hole)

    Varma Points at Eyes


    Varmam Point Eyes

    Vital Points - Part of Human body

    Varma Points Description Notes
    Puruva Varmam Supratrochlear Orbital Nerve at center of both eyebrows
    Manthira Kaalam Infratrochlear Nerve at side eyes, near nose -both side
    Natchathira Kaalam Branch of Lachrymal Nerve at around side of eyes
    Anan Kaalam Temporal Branches of Facial Nerve at around lower temple of head, beside eyes
    Kambothrei Kaalam Infraorbital Nerve / Malar Nerve at exactly below eyes

    Varma Points at Ears


    Varmam Point Ears

    Vital Points - Part of Human body

    Varma Points Description Notes
    Sunambu Kaalam Superficial temporal nerve at head side - 3 fingers incline above Poigai Kaalam
    Poigai Kaalam top of ear lobe opening exactly at head that joint ears - inbetween ear and head
    Kutri Varmam Auriculo-temporal Nerve at joint of tragus of ears bone
    Sevi Kutri Kaalam Posterior Auricular Nerve located below ears behind ear lobe as in diagram
    Uthira Kaalam Great Auricular Nerve at below ears near side of neck

    Varma Points at Head


    Varmam Point Head

    Varmam Point Head

    Vital Points - Part of Human body

    Varma Points Description Notes
    Kondaei Kolli XXXX top of head center
    Patchi Varmam XXXX center of forehead
    Patchi Ner Varmam XXXX inline above patchi Varmam
    Pottu Varmam - sample 1
    - sample 2 ( close-up )
    located at temple of head between eye brow and ears, follow diagram -nerves towards both direction
    Sirum Kolli XXXX top of head at place where skin of head can be seen
    Sruthi Varmam Greater Occipital Nerve dorsal ramus of C2 spinal nerve
    (45 Degrees on both side slightly below Sirum Kolli)
    Pedraei/Pidari Kaalam 3rd (least) occipital nerve dorsal ramus of C3 spinal nerve
    Porrti Kaalam Greater occipital nerve dorsal ramus of C2 / C3** spinal nerve )
    **C3 depends on necessity of pressure

    Varma Points at Face


    Varmam Point Face

    Vital Points - Part of Human body

    Varma Points Description Notes
    Valamurthi Kaalam Infra-Orbital Branches of Facial Nerve XXXX
    Sandiyae Varmam Long Buccal Nerve XXXX
    Urakka Kaalam Retromandibular vein at both side of neck - under cheek bone
    Ottu Varmam Facial vein underneath mouth bone
    Sanggethiri Kaalam Thyroid cartilage at Laryngeal Prominence a.k.a Adam Apple
    Sumei Varmam Anterior jugular vein at below adam apple near end of throat